Immersion Cooking Device

An immersion cooker (called sous vide which means “under vacuum” in french) is a great way to cook food in a highly controlled environment.

I used a temperature controller powered by an old cell phone wall-wart to, well, regulate the temperature. You can enter the temperature set point which will cause the controller to switch on and off a voltage output based on the reading from a K-type thermocouple submerged in the water.  This output is connected to a solid state relay to route power from the 110V wall outlet to the 2000 W immersion heating element.  To ensure uniform heating I also connected a small submersible pump to the wall power line and connected the input line to a SPST switch so that I could turn the immersion cooker on and off.  I’ll open it up below.

2014-01-15 01.24.45

Here you can see the wall wart, the black cell phone charger on the left, the PID temperature controller, the black rectangular prism in the middle of the red top plate, the cream coloured solid-state relay (SSR) to the right of the PID controller, and the thermocouple, the metal rod in the basin on the lower right hand side.

2014-01-15 01.24.59

The top face of the immersion cooker. Here you can see the display of the PID temperature controller as well as the SPST switch to turn the whole thing on and off.

2014-01-23 20.43.02

Heating up the bucket of water with some lapin from the local Hungarian butcher!

2014-01-15 01.28.17


Set point reached within +/- .5 degrees Fahrenheit. You can see the moisture trapped within the vacuum bag after the rabbit is done.  Finally, you can check out the final product below as I recorded it to brag to my chef sister.