Haptics and Mechatronics Course

For the past several semesters, I’ve been teaching a course to McGill Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate students. The course is an introduction to Mechatronics using the hardware I designed for the Open-source Haply Project. Typically the course is taught over around 20 hours with additional work for the students to take home. The course covers themes including, basics of embedded C programming, how a microcontroller works, analog to digital conversion, sensors and actuation, introductory robotics, data communication  between devices, and graphics and simulation in Processing.



Students are provided with a kit that contains a variety of tools that allow them to construct their own Haply haptic device. The kit also has other electronic components to design and build some of the projects that are stepping stones to the final goals of designing their own virtual haptic simulation and exploring position control of a small robotic manipulator.



The haptic device design is a 2DoF planar pantograph mechanism that can be 3D printed and assembled for less than $50 USD. The Haply Development Board is also open-source and can be sourced for about $45 USD.


Lately, I’ve been working on developing the content for a standalone set of documentation. While it’s still in progress you can view the document below. Please feel free to provide any feedback or inquire about the course if you’re interested in teaching it. You can contact me in the about me section of the website, or alternatively, at any of the email addresses found at the bottom of the page.


The link to all the course material can be found below:

Introduction to Mechatronics by way of Haptics