Billiards Demo

We designed a comprehensive 3D haptic billiards/pool simulation using the Entact W5D haptic device. It’s a 5 degree-of-freedom device which means that we can output forces to the handle in three translational directions and  an additional two torques about the yaw and pitch axes of the handle.

The simulation is apart of Arash Mohtat’s and my research into contact rendering and haptic navigation.  We actually won an world wide Matlab and Simulink competition for our work on this demo.  Below I play an entire round of pseudo 9 ball (I’m not hitting them in order).

Arash declined to upload a video of him playing to save himself the embarassment.

Below is another short video showing the same contact models being used in 2D with an experiment we did for the journal Transaction on Haptics. At the end of the video you can see some navigation tests we conducted to test how users performed with or without the haptic feedback.