3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping

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I built my first 3D printer in 2014 and have been freelancing CAD design and printing since through my link on 3D hubs.  I have a home workshop with access to a 4-axis CNC Mill, a metal working lathe, multiple 3D printers, an electronics station, and several bench top tools (scroll saw, wood lathe, drill press, etc). If you have any requests feel free to contact me in the about me section or at any of the emails found on the footer of this website.




Some sample work:

Timelapse of a 3D printed 3-jaw chuck printed at 100 um resolution
A full sized head mid print. This was used in a visual art exhibit.
These electronics housings were CAD modeled, 3D printed, then subsequently painted and surface finished in my workshop.